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Windows xp event log not updating

We had performed a file server role migration and had disabled the shares on the old server.The GPO was set to copy the my docs data to the new location for us, but since we had disabled the share on the old server as part of our migration, applying the GPO failed as it couldn't reach the original location.Ove, Manually modifying the registry did work and now the user has access to my documents redirection. Thanks, Justin we did it: adding a cname-dns-entry for the old server pointing to the new server..the "old" shares are seemingly still "alive".If the problem ONLY persists on ONE machine you may also try to add a line to c:\windows\system32\driver One machine only had the problem of not being able to access my documents that I know of.I am giving Ove full points for solving my main issue and i'll start a new question for the other similar issue.Thanks, Justin Hey everyone, I had what seemed to be the same problem, though my solution was different.Applications created with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) can log security events (either success, failure, or both) with the auditing feature.

Thanks, Justin er\User Shell Folders There you'll find the different entries for Documents, Music, Pictures, etc...

Redirection should see the source folder is empty and successfully redirect to the michelleh folder.

Folder Redirection Right-click "My Documents", click Properties, click the Settings Tab: If you uncheck the option to Move the Contents to the new location, the redirection may succeed with the original source not being available.

Folder Redirection rehamris, gs-serv1 is a server that was removed before I started working here.

For some reason, clients still attempt to sync to that server at log off and fail every time since it is not available.


  1. When you encounter an "Access Denied" error, verify that the access denied error is a result of a WRP Security Descriptor on the key or a parent key and

  2. Auditing Security Events. The events are written to the Windows system event log and can be. Security log; Windows XP SP2 or later Supported Not.

  3. Folder redirection not updating to new server via GP. Windows XP 2. rehamris 3. I checked the event log on the server and couldn't find any errors.

  4. Describes how to read the log. the Windows Update client records all transaction. the settings are NULL because a WSUS server is not being.

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