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To many men, criminalised prostitution is actually more attractive than decriminalised or legal sex work.

They began as friends, and ended as bitter enemies.In other words, under which arrangements are the actors, and the public, better off?Throughout our research on the economics of sex work, we have asked ourselves a set of basic questions around the welfare of those involved.Help us create an animation about one of the great intellectual feuds of the 20th century.Visit our Kickstarter campaign Aeon is a registered charity committed to the spread of knowledge and a cosmopolitan worldview.During the colonial era and the years that followed independence, the Ministry of Health issued calling cards identifying professional sex workers and provided them with medical health checks. Public order laws are sometimes used against sex workers.Traders make up the majority of clients, along with officials working for national and international NGOs.At the same time, a number of prominent actors and organisations continue to advocate the so-called ‘Swedish approach’.Since its adoption in Norway and Iceland, this is more accurately called the ‘Nordic approach’, and is enshrined in the (violence against women) act of 1999, which condemns the industry as a locus of female oppression, and aims to combat the oppression of sex workers by criminalising sex workers’ clients.Criminalisation both on the demand side (clients) and the supply side (sex workers) implies pushing this ‘market’ into the hidden economy, increasing the risks that sex workers face.Perhaps less predictably, , in a report on paid sex in 2014, also argued for a complete liberalisation of the market and against criminalisation policies.


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