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Updating your nook

Spread out lamps around a room to make it feel upscale.

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No matter if you have or ,000, it is possible to make your home feel high-end, it’s just a matter of being really selective about what you choose to put in it and seeing the potential that is already there.

But when guests walk into our house for cookouts or family reunions or whatever gathering we have happening on any random weekend, apparently that’s the word that pops into their heads.

It’s all a trick, but a pretty awesome trick to play.

Arnhem Aged Mirror Tray | Stellan Hand Blown Bud Vase | Sinclair 10″ Round Plate I love lighting a candle on our coffee table or on our kitchen counter after a long, exhausting weekday.

It’s a tiny luxury, but it always makes me feel better to cook dinner with the flicker of candlelight nearby or late night binge Netflix on the couch with Robert in our living room filled with a yummy smelling candle.


  1. Jan 27, 2010 · I had been to a friend's place couple days back and she asked me to join her for lunch on the spur. She dished up this yummy Soppina Greens Saaru Rasam.

  2. Oct 13, 2009 · Some parents attend their kid's football games. Some parents read the school district's annual report. I am not attending Caswell's football game an hour.

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