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Updating the bios hp and compaq

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If you see the Windows logo, then you missed the opportunity to get into the BIOS--go back to Step 1.

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Updating the BIOS on the HP machine was quite painless.

I noticed that this machine supports BIOS updates (sometimes called flashing the ROM) through the BIOS setup utility itself.


  1. Responses to HP zv6000 Compaq r4000 BIOS update released will your pc boot afterwards?

  2. Important Below is a support list for the GL40 Express chipset, and not a support list for your motherboard, built on that chipset. The chipset is only one of key.

  3. If you have an older HP monitor, you can download an updated monitor driver from the HP website to use the older monitor with your computer.

  4. In the following guide I explain how to remove and replace damaged LCD screen on HP G50/G60/G70 notebooks. I'm replacing it on a HP G50 but all disassembly steps.

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