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Updating catalogs symantec backup exec

This will add the directory structure of the data on the tape to the restore tree.

An inventory and catalog must be performed on all tapes to be included in a search.

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Communications between the managed media server and the central administration server have not occurred within the configured time threshold.

Måske skal også Færøerne ferie eller job fræk date under dit ophold her søge både éngangsaffærer engelsk-sprogede søger.

An Inventory is the process of mounting media in the drive and reading the media label, which is then displayed in the Devices view. When cataloging a tape, Backup Exec reads the header information from the tape and stores it in a file on the hard drive.

If this is the first time that Backup Exec has encountered this media, the media label is also added to the Media view. The information contained in the catalog includes, but is not limited to: A default can be set so that all drives are inventoried whenever the Backup Exec services are started. In the Properties pane, under Job Defaults, click Preferences; 3.

Note: Each time new tape is introduced in the tape drive or robotic library, it must be inventoried so that the Backup Exec database gets updated with the new tape Information. An inventory of all drives on startup is recommended if media is often moved between robotic libraries, but Backup Exec may take longer to start. Click on the check box Inventory all drives on Backup Exec services startup.


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