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Consuming right dose of Vitamin C regularly can help to regrow hair on bald spots easily.You can consume Vitamin C tablets or include fruits which contain Vitamin C. in your daily routine to regrow hair on bald spots.You should consult a good dermatologist or hair expert to opt for laser therapy.Laser therapy is quite an expensive remedy as compared to others.You should be consuming 500 mg to 1000mg of Vitamin C regularly.

Pune attractions captivate visitors with its rich history and culture, offering museums, music, shopping, amusement and scenic parks, near by hill stations, trekking forts, near by beaches, waterfalls and more to explore.

This is a typical lotion which is available in the stores and can be purchased without a prescription.

Using Rogaine works better on bald spots and also prevents hair thinning and hair fall problems.

Hair implant surgery can be done only in the clinic and under expert advice.

You should consult the expert before opting for this surgery.


  1. A luxurious dinner is nice but you don’t need to break the bank every time to have a romantic date. They are lots of dating spots in Singapore for couples on a.

  2. Britain's top ten curry hot-spots revealed - but does your city feature? According to a study Indian food fans in Glasgow like their dishes hotter than anyone south.

  3. I am back with another article, and today, we would be talking about how to regrow hair on bald spots. Hair loss is one among the most common and frustrating problems.

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