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Speed dating team building

After 2 minutes, have each set of partners compare their pictures to see which team drew the most accurate replica.

In preparation, have each person choose 4 photos to represent what they’ve been doing over the last month.This could be a quick activity to do before beginning a meeting, or could even become a monthly tradition.Purpose: Meaningful activity / Break from typical routine How: A great way to kick off a community service project is by having the team decide together what type of activity they’d like to participate in.We’ve put together a list of 10 activities you can do in the workplace that will lead to more productivity, better communication, and higher job satisfaction.Purpose: Team bonding Needed supplies: speaker, smartphone Instructions: Split your group into teams of 3-4 people and let them decide who will be the singers, guitarists, drummers, back up dancers, etc.”, do an interpretive dance to a song that the boss chooses…When all of the blocks have dares written on them, stack them up like in Jenga.Look into volunteering with local non-profit organizations, collecting and delivering school supplies for children in need, volunteering at a food bank, or preparing meals for the homeless.If you can’t get out of the office for a full day, you could try setting aside an hour for a simple charitable act, like writing thank you notes and assembling care packages for wounded soldiers and sending them through Operation Gratitude.This is a fun icebreaker to test your employees’ limits.Write fun dares like do 15 push ups, sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” out loud, run out of the office and yell “I love Cheez-its!


  1. Days ago. Find your love life! There seems to utter those three magic words? Findings we undergo speed dating this survey just for dating last month. Have gone on the u. Article presenting 80 dating survey of over. 4 other innovative team building activities. Article presenting 80 dating survey. Web sites.

  2. Speed dating a fun, energizing way to get to know your team members. A mix of engaging questions asked during various rounds of “dating”. Groups are randomly divided. Guaranteed, the room will be buzzing. a new planet, team problem solving a decision making game with high stakes — given the earth's rapid demise.

  3. We are expert speed dating organisers having staged literally thousands of speed dating events over the years and have organised a number of special private events for businesses for both employees and clients. Our service can be tailored for team building, allowing new employees to meet management, networking for.

  4. Instructions Split your team in half and have one half sit in a circle facing out and the other half sit in a circle facing the other half of the team inside the circle. It should be set up like speed dating, where people are sitting in pairs across from each other. In preparation, have each person choose 4 photos to represent what.

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