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Live "outfit" comprised of Dean and Gene on guitar and vocals respectively, and a cassette deck with the drums and bass on tape.

1987- Dean and Gene are forced to attend summer school together after failing a number of classes, most notably Biology.

Ween is booed off stage opening for Fugazi by a capacity crowd at City Gardens, establishing a pattern that will continue for the next couple of years.1990 - God Ween Satan: The Oneness is released. The26-song double record is produced by Andrew Weiss (who is by then the bass player in the Rollins Band) in his living room and is released in 1990.

Ween tours Europe heavily in support of the record, but never manages to do any American touring as Twin-Tone Records slowly goes out of business.

Dean and Gene are living together in New Hope on a horse farm, working at a gas station and a local Mexican restaurant.Three or four months into this process, the house's pipes freeze and burst, flooding and ruining the beach house studio.While damage to the tapes and equipment is minor, Ween are forced to evacuate the premises and finish the album at home with Andrew Weiss producing and mixing.Spurred by the success of these shows, everyone in the band commits to a one-month U. As no material is written prior to moving into the beach house, the environment plays a major role in the songwriting process, manifesting itself in a very heavy nautical theme.Days are spent fishing, recording and drinking heavily.By this point, the Ween live experience has expanded to a five-piece band playing three to four hours per night.Ween's longstanding open taping policy gives rise to an ever-increasing number of shows being traded by fans over the Internet.Ween tours as a duo for the remainder of the year, playing in America, Canada, Europe, and Australia (where "Push th' Little Daisies," the first ever Ween "single", actually cracks the top ten).1994 - Much of the year is spent making the fourth Ween album, for which Gene and Dean switch to a full band format onstage, and also bid fond adieu to the 4 track.They begin to investigate the possibility of making a record in Nashville, using session musicians from the golden age of country.With the help of friend Ben Vaughn (who had produced records in Nashville before), Ween compiles a list of potential players for the record.


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