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I’ve gone for UK Population Change 1951-2011; United Kingdom Population Change in Thousands.Okay, so maybe it isn’t snappy, but my audience will know exactly what they’re looking at, and what values the numbers are expressing.In the same Axis Options panel, select At maximum category.Double-click the horizontal axis to open the Axis Options.

Our current vertical axis range cannot accommodate the lower values – so we will add a secondary axis.I’m going with 100 as we have a number of data series with similar values between the two potential units.This will make it easier to discern between the similar values. Make them stand out by clicking one of the data series and, in the Series Options sidebar reduce the Gap Width to 125%, adding some visual weight to our data. If your chart is part of a series, make sure the title reflects the rest of your data.In some cases, a legend is unnecessary, but when you have intersecting lines, using two axis, it is worth giving your audience a chance of understanding your data.Turn on the legend by pressing the plus symbol to the right of the chart, then legend.To change the legend titles, right-click the chart area and click Select Data.In the left-hand column of the new window you should spot your unnamed data series. You can now enter your preferred name for the data series.can be the difference between someone grasping your idea, and someone grasping for the phone. Google Fusion is actually a feature embedded into... Chart Styles can be accessed to the right of the chart area, as illustrated below. We can see the bounds of our data range from around 50,000 to just over 62,000, meaning we can raise the minimum bound from 0.0 to 50000. The rising population is now pronounced, whereas before it could be considered a gentle increment. Press the plus symbol to the right of the chart, then Axis Titles, followed by Primary Horizontal and Primary Vertical. I’ve used Population for my vertical, and Period for my horizontal. Your potential investors didn’t engage with what you were talking about, and I’ll tell you what – you should have used a graph Whether you're putting together a report for work, or you just want to represent information on your blog in a graphical way, Google Fusion Tables can help. Now, head to the Insert tab, and select Insert line chart – it’s the small box with plotted lines. From here you have two options: use the inbuilt Excel styles, of varying quality, or customize the chart yourself. Here we can change the bounds, units, tick marks, labels, and more.Next, we’ve got some large margins at either end of our chart, and that won’t do.Double-click the horizontal axis – Period – and change the Axis position from Between tick marks to On tick marks.


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