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Orthodox jews dating website

"The matchmaker adds a human element to the digital element," said Rabbi Chaim Lipskar, who went online with JMiami two months ago and has signed up 150 people so far.The database gives the matchmaker access to potentially thousands more singles than he or she could otherwise come to know.As a long-time bachelor, I’ve found that there are quite a few high-quality Jewish dating sites out there.It seems that each of these is tailored with a specific audience in mind.It’s not a shadchan-based dating experience; rather, you get to interact directly with the other party. For example, instead of a matchmaker picking out girls/guys for you based on what they know about your personality, looks, lifestyle, level of religiosity, etc., you get to “approach” the people you’re interested in yourself. You’ll see a lot of people interested more in looks and social status than other issues that I feel hold a deeper significance, but …and last but definitely not the worst option, a site where a close friend of mine met her husband (this site is not all Jewish…) 5.Ok Cupid: OKCupid has a very unique setup that separates it from the field and gives it an added advantage.

They can talk things over and schedule a date if they so choose.That's the new strategy of a group of rabbis who are launching a different kind of Jewish dating website called the "J sites" -- JMontreal, JMiami, JBoston and, coming soon, JNew York, JLondon, JBerlin and JHong Kong.Like most dating sites, users pay a fee and compose a profile.If you’re the least bit religious and living in the Holy Land, Shlish is definitely the way to go!They continuously update their site with new candidates. JDate: while this dating site is mostly intended for the secular or non-frum population, I personally know of a religious couple who met via JDate.If you choose to put down a little extra cash, you get an unlimited amount of matches.If you “accept” a match, he/she has 7 days to either “accept” or “decline.” If he chooses to declines the match, his/her choice will appear in your “Matches” box but obviously without the reason they declined.Both parties are advised to follow up with their respective shadchanit regarding “match progress.” You fill in a blank once you’ve gone on the first date, once you’re “dating,” and once you’re “engaged.” The site states that you must pay your shadchanit a certain bonus if a match is made.I feel that this “symbolic” payment is well worth the reward. Shlish Gan Eden: I believe this is by far the best dating site in Israel.It lets singles fill out a compatibility profile and matches up other singles who have similar backgrounds, interests, goals, and life visions.While it’s not a “Jewish” site per say, the fact that it will only show you singles who would be a good match based on the amount of qualities you have in common, you’re more than likely to find that Jewish guy/girl who lives in your neck of the woods.


  1. Frum-Observant Websites Bitachon A global resource online site for Orthodox Jewish Singles, who are seeking T'achlis. DosiDate The singles' site for religious Israelis. All services and activities are free of charge in Hebrew & English. FrumCafe It's a new free Orthodox oriented Jewish dating site that will remain non-profit.

  2. Jan 19, 2012. That's the new strategy of a group of rabbis who are launching a different kind of Jewish dating website called the “J sites” — JMontreal, JMiami, JBoston and, coming soon, JNew York. The approach is working, say the J site organizers, who are mostly affiliated with the Orthodox Chabad movement.

  3. Some of the sites and resources listed here are geared specifically to observant Orthodox singles, while others are more general and serve a wider spectrum of Jewish singles. Resources known to be specifically geared towards observant audiences are denoted by a * symbol. Know of a shidduch related site that's not.

  4. Aug 21, 2015. Back in the day, when it was time for our bubbes and zaydes to find their sig-o, their parents took them to a matchmaker to find the perfect husband. Fast forward to 2015. Websites and cellphone apps are the new yentas. You can find your b'sheret, or intended, with a little help from an algorithm, a cute pic.

  5. Jzoog is a free Jewish dating site and app for Jewish singles focused on finding their Jewish match. Log in to find your soulmate today!

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