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Mexicans dating black girls datingimdunkeln net

I remember when he had his talk show a few years ago. This goes for Hispanics and brown-skinned Indians as well.. Not only does he have a problem with black people but I guess he’s an undercover homosexual as well. Lopez says he hates Donald Trump because Trump is a racist towards Mexicans. We never had them as slaves or colonized their land. Why do all these racial groups hate on black people?

He did a DNA test and found out he was 55 % European,41% Native American and 4% African. But even if it’s true it shows he is more European than anything else. I keep trying to tell black people that these “people of color” are extremely anti-black. As a side note, I actually met Lopez about fifteen years ago at a mall. Yet Lopez has the same racist attitude towards blacks.

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Rarely do i see a black girl with latin men and i'm hesitant to get with a latin male because of that.

The controversy started when Lopez was telling a joke. Don’t we already know many Hispanics don’t like black people? They will work with you in the workplace but most don’t like their children marrying black people. That’s why the mostly Hispanic audience laughed at the joke. If you look at Mexicans they look closer to white than black for sure. I’m not upset at him because he only told the truth. Or was racism expressed by Hispanics something you already knew?

During the routine Lopez said : “There are only two rules in a Latino family. This goes for many Mexicans, Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. None of these Hispanic groups want their sons or daughters marrying black people.

And from what i've seen, puerto rican men, date puerto rican women. male in specfic) brought me to your neighborhood or your family, what would your "boys" think? I am currently dating a Jamaican woman who I really like a lot and met on this board.

Hopefully, she will come visit me during spring break, although it doesn't look very promising at this time.


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  3. Why are most white girls dating mexican and black. the truth is that most White girls go for White men and most Mexicans date and marry Mexican.

  4. I am half black half white with white hair, White girls are the prettiest girls in the world i am in love with them. You saved us 1 Bad Breath 2 Attitude.

  5. Dating A Hot Mexican Girl. A latino chilango friend told me alot of blacks still do this to mexicans. but here is. Do black guys have it easy in the US dating.

  6. Now I have ruined one Mexican en and two insolvent girls that have headed black guys. and means make fun of means and Mexicans. hispanic man dating black.

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