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Lovely complex dating game

Also, he displays a happy and care-free attitude,much like his girlfriend.

He is quite popular with girls even though he is completely oblivious to Risa's, Seiko's and Mimi's feelings towards him.

Koizumi is quite surprised to hear this and decides to go easy on Otani. Back in the classroom, Koizumi is in a much better mood.

Otani comes back from practice and she compliments him on his basketball skills. Otani says that’s gross and tells her not to go for cold guys like that.

It often comes off like a facade, a ploy to get us to see their latest romcom space blockbuster, or to make us feel like we “get” them while they are singing with James Corden driving around the CBS lot.

It’s en vogue for celebrities to be “just like us” with their everyday eccentricities; “weirdness” has begun to feel false.

While walking home together, Otani asks Koizumi what she’s been angry about ever since the concert. Otani then remembers that he bought her a souvenir from the concert, an Umibozu towel! The next day in class, Maity-sensei is teaching English.

Otani skips this duty as their basketball coach is on leave.Koizumi replies “I guess that was really just an accidental bump. I’ve been trying my best even though you rejected me. Her patience finally snapped and gave Otani a kiss, then realizes he really did faint and can’t remember. I think it’d be fun to watch and see if Otani will get jealous over Koizumi having a huge crush on Maity!She finally decides that she’s giving up on Otani and that she’s had enough. At heart, however is kind, silly, naive, oblivious, funny and a good friend.Like Risa, he likes Umibozu, water parks, games and the two tend to do things others wouldn't (like riding a rickshaw).Otani suddenly remembers something while they were in his room.He remembers that when Koizumi visited him, he got real close to her and was staring at her face…At the same time, she also implies she is not cute and girly, the type of girls that are very appreciated in Japan, possibly due to her tall stature.Her favorite artist is Umibozu, her admiration for him going to the point of obsession.I think the story is getting more interesting now that Maity sensei is here. Risa is 172 cm tall and thin and has light red hair and brown eyes.


  1. Jul 17, 2007. Episode 14 " A Killer Crush on Maity!" This episode starts off with a new opening theme called "Hey! Say!" by Hey! Say! 7 with a new set of opening sequence scenes from upcoming episodes. Summary Koizumi is playing a dating sim game. She is smitten over Cain-sama, the character in the game, and is.

  2. Release date SHUEISHA 25 September 2007 ISBN-10 4088462157, ISBN-13 978-4088462158 Release.

  3. Suzuki boyfriend. Risa Koizumi 小泉 リサ, lit. meaning "little spring" is the main female protagonist of the romantic comedy shōjo manga and anime series Lovely☆Complex created by Aya. Besides fashion, Risa has a fond interest in Umibōzu and virtual dating video games.

  4. Jul 25, 2013. These are my favorite romance scenes from Lovely complex! This is personal opinion this was an amazing anime! The manga is still going to. If you haven't see.

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