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The radiometric dater then uses the half-life of all four isotopes to find an age range the rock should be in.

Another benefit is that zircon has been found in most igneous rocks.The reason for stopping at lead is because lead is not radioactive and will not change into a different element.It may sound straight-forward, but there are many variables that have to be considered.For Uranium-Lead dating to work, scientists have to make three assumptions.These assumptions are that the system being dated is a closed system; at the beginning of the time period, there are no daughter isotopes present; and the rate of radioactive decay stays the same through the whole time period.The three main parameters that have to be set are the original amount of uranium and lead in the sample, the rate at which uranium and lead enter and leave the sample, and how much the rate of decay changes.Uranium-lead dating uses four different isotopes to find the age of the rock.The benefits of using zircon is that the trapping temperature is 900 C.This temperature makes the zircon hard to pull out substances out of it.For uranium-lead has a range of 10 million to 4.6 billion years.This means that to begin with, any rock dated with this process will be in the 10's of millions .


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