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From the factory Cisco 7900 series phones come with SCCP ("skinny") firmware installed, so you will need to procure and install the necessary SIP firmware.You should be able to talk Cisco support into providing access to the SIP firmware on a one-time basis by explaining that the phone is useless to you without it.They also sell a less comprehensive license for about , but orders under may be subject to a "shipping" charge of ~.See also: CON-SW-PKG1-VS, described as "Cisco SMARTnet Software Only - Category 1" for /year.The softphone just has a turning wheel, with the message "Registering" and doesn't actually register.The laptop has IP connectivity to the UC and we have tested it.Consider purchasing a service contract to secure access to future firmware upgrades If your phone is still quite new, talk your distributor into opening a software warranty case.

Note that US part numbers are used throughout this write up.Syburgh: I found this contract listed among the comments on the Cisco page and purchased this from UK-based They were quite helpful (following up on weekends and late at night) and even assisted in identifying that the phone I had received from an online vendor was a remarked spare.Outside the US it may be possible to buy an inexpensive SMARTnet contract for less than /year.Within the US the least expensive choice appears to be Bottom Line Telecom, for .95/yr .00 handling = .95 out the door.When the remote worker goes to a different office, which has a different LAN they get a different IP address.This is where the problem arises, the softphone no longer registers.There is no firewalls along the path, to block anything. Vlan 90 has an ip address of've checked the routers along the way, and there are no access-lists to stop this connection. We can ping and traceroute to that address from the remote site laptop just fine.POE offers a single cable solution, but may potentially result in lower audio quality (most corporate installations of these phones use POE).The 79x1 phones are also compatible with the proprietary/pre-standard POE implementation used by the 79x0 phones.


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