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"Inu Yasha was pealing his face off the floor and look at Kagome. He got up and said"Don't worry I wasn't spying on you. " Inu Yasha found himself once again face first on the floor. " said Kagome walking out of her room slamming the door behind her. " said Kagome with a angry look on her face," How dare you spy on me like that!! Kagome ruled one half of the school, while Kouga ruled the other.There was just one tiny problem though, Kouga and Kagome were, mortal enemies.

every time we go out as a group we always have someone on our arms, but you don't, you're always by yourself."Kagome gave her a short glare."Come on Sango, get out with it."Sango took a deep breath and opened the piece of paper reveling a user name and password."This, is your password and user name to the school dating service. "Sango covered her ears and glared at her leader."Kagome you may be my leader, but I am second in command and I'm trying to help you.Enjoy the story and Review please.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kagome and Kouga were both high school Seniors.Kagome ruled one half of the school, while Kouga ruled the other. "Kagome how would you like to go out for dinner or maybe a movie for your birthday? But before he could do that he saw Kagome on that weird thingy that you talk into it. When she got up to her room and saw her door was open. She went in her room she expected to find Inu Yasha still laying on the floor. Kagome starts to think to herself,"Hojo is asking me out. He was going to tell her that he was sorry and to wish her a happy birthday. He went down stairs to get Kagome to go to her room. Kagome went up stairs to get Inu Yasha to have some cake with her.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction It's been a year since Kagome fell down the Bone Eater's Well. Why would I spy on a stupid human like you anyways! Kagome ran down the stairs and almost fell down on the last step. " "Hey Kagome, It's me Hojo." Kagome's eyes open wide. She ran to the window and started yelling"INUYASHA!!!!!!! What she got was no Inu Yasha and saw flowers on her bed.They had an equal amount of pack mates and were evenly matched in all they did.(except for running, cuz even though Kouga didn't have shards he was the fastest in the school)Kagome and Kouga stayed single throughout there high school years. So when all of Kouga and Kagome's friends started hookin up they felt left out.


  1. Jun 23, 2009. Kagome and Kouga were both in high school. Kagome ruled one half of the school, while Kouga ruled the other. There was just one tiny problem though, Kouga and Kagome were, mortal enemies. What happens when their friends set them up on a dating service. Rated Fiction T - English.

  2. Aug 10, 2010. First Date. By kassidanae. Kagome and Inuyasha's eldest daughter, Keiko, is a fifteen year old freshman going on her first date. Not only does Inuyasha think she's too young to date, but he doesn't think WHO she's dating is very. acceptable. /present time/. Rated Fiction K+ - English - Family/Romance.

  3. InuYasha and Kagome are very much close with each other and spend more time together, more than InuYasha and Kikyo did. Even, despite that InuYasha still has feelings for Kikyo, his love feelings for Kagome is much more stronger and pure. So, YES they are dating. That means they're BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND.

  4. Read Kagome's Date and InuYasha's Broken Heart from the story InuYasha-A Forever Love Story by AliRedfield76 Ali Redfield with 3014 reads. inuyasha. Kagome'.

  5. Dec 26, 2011. The perfect date. Inuyasha Takashi has it all he's handsome, smart, rich, and charming, everything Kagome needs to make her gorgeous perfect older sister completely green with jealousy, but there's only one catch he's also unbelievably arrogant, egotistical, and her boss. When Kagome has exhausted.

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