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The West will wheedle and provoke in small ways, but never confront in a major way.

Remember that for the globalists to drive us into their militarized NWO, they have to appear the victim while encouraging Russia and China to strike by weakening our forces with constant global interventions and unilateral disarmament.

War will finally bring on the need for all the preparations Mac Slavo and others have been urging for so long.

Don’t be lulled into false security by the establishment propaganda that “Mutually Assured Destruction” will keep nuclear weapons from ever being used.

The war on terror is a manufactured threat that has been created by US and British black operations and in order to help justify the dismantling of constitutional protections we once enjoyed, as well as to create a constant “war on terror” diversion so that you won’t see the real threat looming from Russia and China which have long been preparing.

Our leaders are building a series of new and huge underground bunkers deep underground and you can bet it’s not because of terrorism.Most Americans don’t know that the US recently removed 2 of the 3 nuclear warheads on the remaining 450 Minuteman III missiles, leaving a single warhead—a 66% reduction in nuclear missile response power, while Russia and China keep building new and more advanced missiles with up to 10 warheads each.The “why” has to do with a major globalist conspiracy to set the US up for a nuclear pre-emptive strike that, in turn, will drive the Western world into forming a militarized global government in response—ushering in the NWO order and the loss of liberty that conservatives have long feared, along with the destruction of war.But now that Russia’s new aggressiveness is showing in Ukraine, there’s a mass of hype developing claiming that Russia is merely protecting its interests and that the US is trying to provoke a war.This hype is coming from two different sources: 1) predictably from the far Left, like Global Research, Stephen Lendman and Eric Zeusse, always trying to defend Castro and Putin or any other communist leader, and 2) from a few on the Anti-Globalist right like Paul Craig Roberts or who rightly see the threat of globalist control in the West, but wrongheadedly see Putin as the “savior” who, alone, has the power to take down the globalists and set us free. Typical of this new wave of hype is this week’s article on about “Berlin Stunned At US Desire For War In Ukraine.” Zerohedge keys off of a Der Spiegel article that builds on US Gen.I think it is a hint that our nuclear forces are not going to get the launch codes when a first strike is launched against our missile silos and military bases.We will be set up to take the first hit, and all our major military and communications facilities will be taken out in that first strike.They know this strike is coming and, in fact, are telegraphing the message of growing US weakness through continual disarmament, in order to induce our enemies to finally strike.PDD-60, that notorious 1997 Presidential Decision Directive that directed our nuclear forces “not to rely on Launch on Warning, but to “prepare to absorb a nuclear first strike” is still on the books and has not been repealed.What better way to wipe away the growing opposition to globalism that is sweeping Europe and the US, than to create another war where the US military is taken down in a pre-emptive strike and the world will turn to any globalist promise of security in the new war?Forget the propaganda from China about threatening US cities.


  1. President Trump’s recent description of African countries as “shit holes” should elicit an ambivalent response. First, outrage, for its insensitivity, and not.

  2. Does it look to you that the world is progressing? It looks to me like this Satanic system is rapidly progressing toward Antichrist and its own doom.

  3. The Republic of Europe Tuesday 20 December, 2011. Thanks to Radoslaw Sikorski's speech in Berlin, Poland has at last joined the big European debate about.

  4. Unsubtle message the enemy is White men, and the future will be rid of them. PS there are two trannies in this PuffedHo montage. Can you pick them out?

  5. Here is a top 10 list of worlds richest countries according to CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia measured by GDP per capita. For those in the dark – GDP or Gross.

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