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They're full of grotty men who are already drunk by the time you get there, and a lot of them are married.And my experience with personal ads is that there's no chance of success.Part of my problem was that, as a piano teacher, I work from home, so meeting people wasn't easy.

I'm bubbly and fun and people tell me I'm quite attractive and I look at people who've found love and think, "why have I been so unlucky? I've been to singles clubs that are a waste of time.

YESBARBARA KINGAN 46 MY EXPERIENCE is that dating agencies are a complete waste of money - that's why this week I turned to a PR agency to find me romance.

I joined quite a large dating agency three years ago, two years after I broke up with my husband, and I was given the whole glossy brochure treatment with a couple on the cover looking incredibly in love.

I paid about pounds 150 to join Dateline and it's the best thing I ever did.

I'm so happy with Colin - he's so good, so loving, so considerate, there's nothing about him I don't adore. I drew up a list once of my criteria for the perfect man, and my friend crowed with laughter, saying "Susie, men like that don't exist". I'm madly in love and always will be, and it's thanks to Dateline.


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