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Double your dating notes

We’re more excited than ever to focus on building the next generation of iconic brands and life-changing products.If you saved your chat history prior to the AIM shutdown on December 15, 2017, follow the steps below to view your saved versions of AIM.Everyone knows that Men Are the Expendable Gender, after all.Other tropes reveal gender assumptions in a more complicated fashion; Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male reveals assumptions about both men and women — women are assumed not to have any sexual potency (so they can't hurt men with sex), and men, unlike women, are not considered 'defiled' or 'deflowered' by sexual acts (so men can't be hurt by sex, unless it's done by another man, sometimes not even then).Arkive’s teaching resources for 11-14 year olds explore key science topics including endangered species, human impacts on the environment, animal classification and adaptation.

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They will be asked to consider how human impacts can be measured, and what can be done to help.

Remember that Tropes Are Not Bad, and that many of these tropes are only noteworthy because of their prevalence across entire genres or societies; one example in a particular work doesn't automatically mean anything on its own.

It is only the fact that these tropes appear time and again that calls attention to them.

Double standards for the genders are very old; separate gender roles have existed for thousands of years.

The world has changed since then, of course, but writers (and the tropes they use) can take a long time to catch up.


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