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But some people experience symptoms earlier — right about when they are starting to date.“When I first got sick, I felt like I think every person does who gets manic or severely depressed — utterly alone,” says Jamison, whose new biography about the poet Robert Lowell, who also had the illness, is out now from Knopf.“There's no question that there are things that can be made easier by companionship.”Trying to find a companion, though, is hard enough without adding mental illness into the picture.

” Now, here’s my next—and more important—question: Before you gushed to your best friend, before you flaunted your euphoria all over Facebook, did you ever stop to consider how might have felt about that “amazing” night? He couldn’t take his eyes off me the whole night So… ” Invariably, sympathizers chime in that the guy is obviously a douchebag, a player. Because my perception is that the guy was interested in the first place.Hannah Blum, an activist and blogger about bipolar issues, says that when she told her boyfriend about her diagnosis after eight months of dating, he began to use it to manipulate her.“He was cheating on me and I confronted him about it.“It’s not fun, but it beats the alternative,” she says.On the other hand, she adds, “I think it's awful to put people who have this illness on the defensive, to feel like they've got to justify something to the universe.”Hannah says that in dating at least her bipolar has been a kind of blessing. Relationships are hard no matter what; challenge is inevitable.“Oftentimes people will only ‘understand’ when you’re doing well, but once symptoms appear that they don’t necessarily like, they suddenly stop ‘understanding,’ ” she says.In Jamison’s practice, the question of when to let a potential partner know about your diagnosis definitely comes up.There are plenty of us, so are you single in Detroit? Euphoria Dating and Image Consulting is a company based in Metro Detroit whose mission it is to help individuals establish a firm foundation in the dating arena. We do this by embracing all three aspects of the dating experience: emotional, psychological, and image consulting. Our promise is to focus on a safe and secure experience for all our clients by screening each potential member with a background check and for basic life necessities. Those people who don't want to be with you because of bipolar disorder, it's not because you're insane or weird or out there.It's because they can't handle a challenge.


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