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Assignment 3X List everybody with whom you have ever had sexual contact (including the victims).Start with your first contact and go in order through your most recent sexual encounter. 72-73) Assignment 4A In the space below, list the names of the persons you victimized in a direct manner.When people plan and think about their sexual acting out ahead of time (as almost all sex offenders do), it's called "fantasizing." Sometimes people masturbate while fantasizing; sometimes they don't. How often did you have these thoughts before committing your offense: hourly? (If you have many offense, estimate the best you ca.) This assignment will help you when you work on understanding your cycle in chapter 7. Describe how you got caught for your sexual behavior problems. On a scale of 0 to 100%, how honest were you when you were first caught for your sexual beheavior problems?In this assignment, list your plans for your sexual behavior, including all thoughts of offending. Where were you and who was with you when you got caught? (0 means you weren't honest about anything, 100% means you were completely honest about everything): _____ % How honest you are now being about the full extent of your sexual behavior problems: ___ % List all of the people to shom you have told the whole truth about all of your sexual behavior.You should fill out the form every time you masturbate, as well as every time you have an inappropriate sexual thought (deviant sexual fantasy)... Any time you make excuses for your behavior, blame someone else, or suggest that what you did wasn't wrong, you're using a , Vol. At the bottom of the form you will notice a section that says M=___.

A written paper is required, documenting the responses to each question. What have you learned about your sexual urges, and how have you learned to control your deviant sexual fantasies? How do your thinking patterns contribute to your victimizing other people, either in a sexual way or a non-sexual way? What do you do in your day-to-day life to eliminate thinking errors? Remember, this is yor treatment, don't wait for someone else to do it for you! Deviant sexual fantasies--sexual thoughts that involve young children, violence, or coercion. Include the total number of incidents and a description of your sexual behaviors. In the space below, describe how you got each of your victims to go along with your sexual behavior.This might sound like an embarrassing activity, but remember that all human beings have sexual feelings.Masturbatory reconditioning increases your arousal to appropriate sexual behavior. In covert sensitization (CS), you cancel out your offending fantasies by pairing them and connecting them with a thought, image, or smell that is scary, unpleasant, or disgusting.Assignment 3U List the sexual experience that you are most embarrassed and ashamed about (sex with animals, masturbating with women's underwear, molesting young children, etc.).Assignment 3V Who else in your family has been in trouble for their sexual behavior (include grandparents, uncles, etc.)? Assignment 3W Who among your friends, relatives, acquaintances do you personally know has been sexually abused (other than your victims)?Assignment 3S Describe how and where you learned about sex when you were younger (include X-rated movies, magazines, books, school, watching others, telephone "sex lines," etc.).Assignment 3T Describe any and all sexual experiences you have had with anyone older than you, including incidents you consider mutual as well as nonconsenting.Assignment 3Q List all sexual and physical abuse of animals you have ever done.Include your age at the time, the animal's name, type of animal, sex of animal, what you did to the animal, and how many times you abused the animal. Describe your first sexual experience that you can remember.You make tapes of your acting-out urges, then add a scene that upsets you, like being arrested. Here is how it might be organized: Note: This can be an embarrassing assignment.Then you think of a scene that rewards you with something pleasant for not acting out sexually. Concern for your partner's feelings and orgasm (feeling of satisfaction). Your counselor can provide guidance about how much detail to provide.


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