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Dating usa for indians

A meal in a good restaurant can be had for just £9 a head. A loaf of bread is 25p.‘The move to Goa is about change of opportunity, change of life.

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For the past decade, the growth of the economy has been as much as nine per cent per annum.He has various advisory roles to the Indian government. Indeed he spent nearly half a century growing up and working in London, part of the wave of Indians who came to Britain’s shores in the Sixties. Today, though, a remarkable reversal of that trend is emerging and Praful has watched as growing numbers of British Indians follow in his footsteps.Some, such as north London girl Katrina Kaif, are making it big.Glass skyscrapers have already risen from the slums of Mumbai to create a financial capital of the future.The story has come full circle and now it is British Indians who are leaving our drizzly suburbs to live in gated colonies with swimming pools, to be chauffeured in mirror-windowed, four-wheel-drive vehicles, to send their Praful Patel was by no means a failure when he packed up and left Britain.Back in his old London life, he lived in Bloomsbury and was a respected businessman and leader of the British Indian community.He is equally at ease in a Savile Row suit at his office in Mumbai, as he is lounging in a linen kurta at ‘home’ at the Taj hotel. ‘The numbers are astounding,’ he tells me as his personal butler, Mr Varma, brings masala chai [spiced tea] and his favourite selection of Crawford’s teatime biscuits, brought specially from London.Their house in Dulwich, south London, has been sold, together with the De Souzas’ successful London estate agency.When they head to Heathrow, they will have just five suitcases to show for a lifetime in London.'The scale of potential profits out there is huge.On this evidence, Ganesh has looked after Praful well.In three years he will retire a rich man thanks to being a British Indian in India at the right time.‘We arouse a lot of jealousy,’ Praful admits. They go to flashy celebrity parties, drive expensive foreign cars, they live in gated mansions away from other Indians.


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  2. LANGUAGE IN INDIA Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow Volume 3 4 April 2003 Editor M. S. Thirumalai, Ph. D. Associate Editors B. Mallikarjun, Ph. D.

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