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To prevent misuse of their names in this way, some legitimate academic institutions have registered domains.Compared to legitimate institutions, diploma mills tend to have drastically lowered academic requirements, if any at all.Related practices are direct document forgery of certificates and corrupt buying of degrees from otherwise legitimate universities, although neither require a separate "mill".Diploma mills share a number of features that differentiate them from respected institutions, although some legitimate institutions may exhibit some of the same characteristics.The most notable feature of diploma mills is that they lack accreditation by a nationally recognized accrediting agency.(Note, however, that not all unaccredited institutions of higher learning are diploma mills).In either case, legal issues can arise if the qualification is used in résumés.More broadly, it describes any institution that offers qualifications which are not accredited and/or are not based on proper academic assessment.

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Instead of "hard sciences", where competence is easier to verify, the subjects offered by a diploma mill are often esoteric and may be based on a pseudoscience like astrology or naturopathy.While the terms "degree mill" and "diploma mill" are commonly used interchangeably, within the academic community a distinction is sometimes drawn.A "degree mill" issues diplomas from unaccredited institutions which may be legal in some states but are generally illegitimate, while a "diploma mill" issues counterfeit diplomas bearing the names of real universities.Accreditation mills based in the United States may model their websites after real accrediting agencies overseen by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).Another typical ploy is for mills to claim to be internationally recognized by organizations such as UNESCO.Academic diplomas may be legitimately awarded without any study as a recognition of authority or experience.When given extraordinarily, such degrees are called honorary degrees or honoris causa degrees.In reality notarization only certifies that the document was signed by the person named.Diploma mills are frequently named to sound confusingly similar to those of prestigious accredited academic institutions.However, enforcement has sometimes been less restrictive, and an domain cannot be taken as verification of school quality or reputation.Some diploma mills use an top-level domain name, which resembles genuine second-level academic domain names like but is in fact the cc TLD for Ascension Island.


  1. Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the U. S. announced a data breach that affects 143 million consumers. The hackers accessed Social.

  2. Victims of the one-ring phone scam can end up paying more than $9 a minute and a $19.95 connection fee if they try to return a missed called from a mystery number.

  3. Criminals who perpetrate online dating and romance scams use emotional. If you are a victim of an online dating or romance scam. Federal Trade Commission

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