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Dating rules from my future self ep 4 heal yrself

Here is an email I received from "Goddess Jana" who was re-discovering her own beauty. I just had to tell you that Jon and I went shopping today and bought a dress for tomorrow night.I really should keep taking pictures of myself because I am so hot!If it feels great to think an affirmation, then it is right on target.Choosing a thought to put your attention on is generative.From the smallest acts, like listening to your i Pod more and giving your life a soundtrack, getting and wearing those cashmere socks, or splurging on a French manicure; to signing up for pole dancing, singing, or Improv; and up to the largest steps, like painting every day and declaring yourself an artist or buying that condo in the building you've been eyeing. When you get up each day, use the affirmation, "I give myself what I want and need to be happy." or "Everything I want is here for me." Then, throughout the day, check in with yourself.Take your attention inward and get a sense of how you are feeling.I believe that attention is one of the most powerful creative forces at your disposal.When you make self affirmations, you build on positive experiences from the past and more importantly are programming for new fulfillment in the future. The more attention you put on the loving self-declaration, the more quickly it will manifest.

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Embarrassing as it is, you need to practice using your name with your closest friends. Now you can help pull it together by thinking about your new-you name.

Notice and acknowledge your self doubts and DO NOT FIGHT THEM.

The more you acknowledge the doubts without struggle, the more quickly they will go away.

Tell yourself how much you have accomplished and how well you are doing.

Think about what little prize would make work more enjoyable.


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