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” runs through mid-September and contains more than 50 objects from the 1830s to the present.

There are wedding dresses and tuxedos, elaborately decorated ketubahs (marriage contracts), three chuppahs (the canopies under which Jewish couples are wed), even a video running in a continuous loop of three weddings from 1932, 19.

“But when they are, choices have to be made or a compromise has to be reached.”“Just Married!

” is divided into five sections: family and community involvement; wedding “rules” and etiquette; obstacles on the way to the chuppah; Maryland’s robust wedding business; and how couples use and reuse objects from their weddings.

Two-thirds of the objects were taken from the museum’s collection and the remainder were borrowed, Church said.“We wanted to look at the wedding as a moment in the life cycle when Jewish-Americans sometimes have to make choices between their Jewish identities and their American identities,” said Tracie Guy-Decker, the museum’s associate director.

For example, one chuppah made for a 1924 ceremony is adorned with both an American flag and a Star of David.

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(For instance, the bride’s and groom’s parents must be seated at tables containing mostly their own relatives, but each table must include members from both families.) Every time Ruth Bloch's favorite uncle traveled from his native Yugoslavia to visit her in the United States, he struck her as one of the gentlest, most thoughtful, most optimistic people she had ever met. Societal rules also played a part in selecting the shimmery wedding dress made of gold sateen with a matching clutch purse that Ruth Guyes wore when she married Theodore “Teedles” Berman on Nov. Gold might seem like an unconventional fashion choice.The couple, both Auschwitz survivors from Czechoslovakia, were married in the registrar’s office of a camp for displaced persons in Munich.“After the war, they got on with their lives,” said Joanna Church, who curated the exhibit “Just Married!Wedding Stories From Jewish Maryland,” opening Sunday at the museum.“They knew they wouldn’t be allowed to bring cash to the U. Please view and share the video above to learn more about JCADA's support, prevention and education services.We also invite you to explore our site for more information about our work in the community!At that wedding, the bride, Ethel Chertkof, wore a gown made of champagne silk that, according to the dictates of modesty required by her faith, had a hem that hit below the knee.But the dress also has a built-in corset that showed off the the bride’s slender figure.“A couple’s Jewish identities and American identities aren’t always mutually exclusive,” Guy-Decker said.Did you know JCADA sees teen clients 14 years of age and older?To learn more about how JCADA helps teens build healthy relationships through our AWARE® workshops, check out their website: awarenow.org!But as the curators explained it, the bride, who happens to be Guy-Decker’s grandmother, had no choice.“As a divorcee,” Guy-Decker said, “there was no way my grandmother could have gotten away with wearing white.”It made no difference that the bride, the only child of a well-to-do Baltimore family, had eloped on a whim when she was still in her teens.After the ceremony, she and her then-husband agreed to keep the wedding hush-hush.


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