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We won’t crush the Left by reminding them that they once, a long time ago, championed the oppressed worker.They’ll just shrug that off with a snarky riposte fed to them by John Oliver and carry on virtue shrieking until their enemies are silenced and their livelihoods destroyed.She has played both Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan in 19 film adaptations of The Miracle Worker.

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The hallmark of such a negative outburst is the F-bomb, either in person or in a text. No man must put up with such pathetic childishness, even for the sake of a brief sexual encounter. For the stupid and desperate men, the last phase of her lack of emotional self-control is the physical outburst. Ladies, take note and avoid such childish emotional behavior, it’s highly unattractive.

Please note that all remarks in this blog post apply specifically to the social context of attraction and dating. There’s inevitably a miserable excuse for the lack of a mental filter. Worse is the excuse of an unspeakably rude utterance because “I’m just sayin'”. There’s even a parody song about this concept (I can’t find it yet).

Usually it’s an invocation of geography or ethnicity. “I’m just sayin'” is used as a way to completely absolve one’s self of not having a verbal filter.

Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal.” One of the problems for employees is the new order to shelf (OTS) stocking system put in place by Amazon bosses. According to Amazon, OTS is geared to deliver smaller amounts of product to stores in order to keep it fresh and to help the company track inventory better.

But OTS requires employees to stock shelves far more often and to keep a closer eye on stockroom supplies to prevent shortages.


  1. Inevitably, the sexuality of patients with personality disorders is thwarted and stunted. The patient with Schizoid Personality Disorder is asexual.

  2. A blog for people with schizoid personality disorder Disclaimer. AnonymousI have szpd and just started dating a bpd girl.

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