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Poppi Worthington entered the world with her twin brother on October 20, 2011.Their mother, who was then aged 27, had already had five other children. This little girl was later taken away and adopted when her mother was found to be drunk while in charge of her. The relationship between Poppi’s parents was shaky and they were living apart at the time of the twins’ birth.On arrival at 6.11am, Poppi was taken immediately to the resuscitation room. At 9.40am a crime scene investigator attended and took photographs and a video.A locum consultant paediatrician led the prolonged attempt to restart Poppi’s heart, which continued for 57 minutes, during which time she received fluids and adrenaline. This unmarked grave covered with rain-battered teddy bears, tributes and flowers, lies the body of Poppi Worthington — a 13-month-old baby girl who deserved so much more than the short, brutal life afforded her Two police officers arrived at the house before the ambulance left. Amid the drama, potentially crucial evidence was lost.Mr Worthington’s name, however, was withheld from the public till December 18, when the Mail and other papers pressed for openness at yet another hearing.

Dr Bitetti, whose report was not filed until July but who had filed an interim one in February, found no evidence of death by natural causes — such as a seizure or metabolic disease — in her report, either.In December 2014 he suggested she might have died from a haemorrhage caused by infection.Justice Jackson rejected this theory — there was compelling evidence to support the sexual assault allegation.But they were reunited and living together as a family by the summer of 2012 and were planning to move from Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria to Kent.He gave her a cuddle and took her into his room and laid her on the bed crossways.The council simply asked Poppi’s grandparents and mother to supervise Mr Worthington’s contact with the children.This continued even after March 2013, when Poppi’s parents separated for a time and Mr Worthington moved out.On June 27, 2014, Cumbria County Council applied to the judge for a secrecy order to keep all facts about the death, including the actions of police, social workers and medical staff, suppressed for 15 years.One officer, Detective Inspector Amanda Sadler (pictured)— an ex beauty queen who was Miss Great Britain 1989 — is to undergo a ‘satisfactory performance’ inquiry which could result in disciplinary action or dismissal On July 11, 2014, Associated Newspapers, which publishes the Daily Mail, and other media groups, asked Mr Justice Peter Jackson to refuse Cumbria’s sweeping request and the judge rejected the council’s call for secrecy.The gloves the paramedic who carried Poppi into the ambulance was wearing were thrown away.The stretcher sheet, which had blood and other bodily fluids on it and which might have yielded critical clues, was not preserved.


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