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Config files in etcportage need updating

calculate ~ # emerge -av --autounmask-write dev-java/java-service-wrapper These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... [ebuild N ] dev-java/javatoolkit-0.3.0-r6 17 k B [ebuild N ] dev-java/java-config-wrapper-0.16 8 k B [ebuild N ] dev-java/java-config-2.1.11-r3 60 k B [ebuild N ] dev-java/icedtea6-bin-1.10.2 USE="X alsa nsplugin -doc -examples -source" 36,141 k B [ebuild N ] virtual/jdk-1.6.0 0 k B [ebuild N ] virtual/jre-1.6.0 0 k B [ebuild N ] dev-java/ant-core-1.8.1 USE="-doc -source" 5,740 k B [ebuild N ] dev-java/ant-nodeps-1.8.1 0 k B [ebuild N ~] dev-java/java-service-wrapper-3.3.3 USE="-doc -source -test" 294 k B Total: 9 packages (9 new), Size of downloads: 42,257 k B The following keyword changes are necessary to proceed: #required by dev-java/java-service-wrapper (argument) =dev-java/java-service-wrapper-3.3.3 ~x86 NOTE: This --autounmask behavior can be disabled by setting EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--autounmask=n" in

Would you like to add these changes to your config files?

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Well I head to the /etc/file and edit that thing to my liking and double checking things over. You can edit the file by doing and when the box pops up, enter your password, wait a bit and a new window will come up.DO NOTE - I can not tell you what you can safely remove from your system as you need to know your hardware and what is safe to uninstall, remove from config files and remove from kernel.I am going to try and stay very basic here so you can get the idea.First let me say that there is a several ways to doing things on SL.I am not saying that my way is the best way by any means.You know you can convert the package.* files in directories, right?Then you can organize your atoms in several files, eg, in my system I got the following (well, not really, i am not at my laptop now. /usr/bin/env python3 import argparse import sys import os from subprocess import call import contextlib if __name__ !are left as-is as we cannot know if they are obsolete.The lines that we care about are then parsed and the installed version of the package is checked.If the installed version is newer than the keyworded version, or is not longer installed at all, the keyword is considered obsolete.If the installed package is the same version as the keyworded version then the installed package is checked to see if it is still keyworded.


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