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Have a post workout shake that’s at least 1:1, carbs:protein – I like coconut water with assorted berries.

Follow that meal up with 1-2 more high lean protein, and high carbohydrate meals. While whole carbs are the best, you can have high-glycemic carbohydrates as well (white rice, bread, etc…).

Simply follow the same principles, focusing your carbs around your workouts, and your fats away from them.

Most of us, myself included, will follow a bulking protocol when trying to build muscle.

And isn’t that what we’re here to do; become the best versions of ourselves we could possibly be?

To become more alpha…For me, that meant, at least in part, developing a stronger, more muscular, more athletic, and powerful body.

These questions flood my inbox on a daily basis, it’s about time I answer them all in one article.

In the following section we’ll break down your macros, what the best sources are, and when the best time to consume them may be.

But the post workout meal is where you really want to load your carbs.Recommended BCAA: BCAAxd Vitamin C Zinc post workout: BCAAs will help slow the release of cortisol during a workout, and vitamin C will do the same. 25 mg of zinc after a workout will help blunt the production of estrogen by stopping your body from producing aromatase, a building block of estrogen.Protein Powder Post Workout: Protein powder is a great supplement for guys trying to build muscle because of its convenience. And that didn’t change for a long time – I stayed skinny until my mid-twenties.Being skinny isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it isn’t the best thing either.Essentially that means eating a ton of carbs and proteins in every meal.However, “conventional” bulking doesn’t work as well as we’d like it to because it results in lowered Testosterone levels. A method that will still have you eating a lot of carbs and proteins, but with a bit more strategy involved.I start my “post workout” shake halfway through my workout with my second dose of BCAA’s, just to ensure I experience optimal recovery.We’ll discuss protein a little further, but it can help you keep your gains consistent and optimal.Testosterone is the most important hormone you have in your fight to gain lean muscle, and when you gain fat, your T levels typically drop. We’ll discuss this as we get further into the article, but before you read on, check out this article for a detailed explanation as to why “bulking” doesn’t work: How ‘Bulking’ Can Ruin Your Gains We’ll get the topic of supplements out of the way. No matter how much you spend, supplements won’t to your lean muscle gains.By taking them before and during your workout (10 grams 25 minutes before, 10 grams half way through) you’re going to stop your body from burning muscle during your workout.


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