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He becomes Rodchenkov’s advocate and defender, meeting with lawyers, finding him housing, and enabling the Russian’s efforts to disperse the significant evidence he’s gathered. The scale of the cheating Rodchenkov helps expose is clearest when Fogel meets with scientists and officials at WADA in 2016, and explains that they have spreadsheets detailing every athlete on the state-mandated doping protocol at the London Olympics, and how many of them were implicated. “Bryan, it’s a disaster, they’re killing people, cutting heads,” he tells Fogel over Skype.And just like that, the movie switches course, following Rodchenkov’s efforts to travel to the United States and blow the whistle on his involvement in what the movie paints as staggering, systemic corruption.After over a decade of ownership of the product, Google announced just a few weeks ago that they will be closing the shutters for good on Picasa, a cross-platform photo viewer and organizer with basic editing capabilities.In the official announcement, Google has set March 15 as the end of support for the desktop client, with changes to the accompanying web album hosting service set to roll out later in the spring.Here are a few open source tools for organizing your photos.

Additionally, photos often contain a great deal of metadata which can help in the organization process if you can easily edit it.

But Fogel, too, is an intriguing character in his own film, who says he wants to cheat to highlight cheating itself, but who clearly has some of the professional athlete’s compulsion to win at all costs.

And as Rodchenkov wrangles the FBI, the Russian FSB, and the media, Fogel doesn’t just capture the action.

“Originally,” he explains in the film, “the idea I had was to prove the system in place to test athletes was bullshit.”What actually happened was a bit like tugging on an errant thread and having the entire clothing industry unravel right on top of you.

Fogel, while conducting a human guinea-pig experiment in which he took performance-enhancing drugs to prepare for a race, was connected with a Russian doctor who ended up blowing the whistle on a state-sponsored doping scheme that had been ongoing in Russia for decades.


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