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Bounderies for single dating

This event is geared toward teenage girls and their mothers. If you are interested in any other events, you may inquire with Simone at [email protected] our upcoming Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girl Tours in California during Fall 2013.

Lessons from a Thirsty Woman Every woman hits a spiritually dry spot in her life, and that’s often why they come to a Christian conference– to be refreshed with the Living Water.

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I recommend having this conversation with your man before any opportunities for compromise arise. * Hannah Packham is the collge-aged daughter of Roxanne Packham, founder of Inspired 31 Ministries.

For one thing you want to protect yourself emotionally, because unless married there is unfortunately always a lingering possibility of the relationship ending.

By giving up such a gift, you risk intense pain if the guy decides he’s done.

So how do you determine the best way to love that tough person? If you own your part of the problem, the other person will be more likely to accept your boundaries. Invite them to change – The first step in confronting someone should never be a limit, but always an invitation to change. Warn them – If you just set limits out of the blue, this person may feel ambushed and become angry at you. Patience means providing the ingredients for growth while allowing that person time to respond. Follow through with consequences – Remember that consequences have nothing to do with anger, revenge, or punishment.

Try running your decision through the following principles. They are there to protect you and to help this person deal with the reality of her actions. Practice continual forgiveness – Don’t give negative attitudes a chance to grow – practice forgiveness day by day.


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