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Book based dating website

"People like to put out strong opinions, like, 'If you read Dan Brown, there's no way we'll get along,' " Mr. Yale, not Dan Brown, might be the wrong answer on another brainy dating site called Date Harvard SQ.com, which lets female users pick and choose Harvard graduates, all of whom look suspiciously buff on the main page online. "These qualities are by no means exclusive to the Harvard individual. We believe these are positive qualities that are in no way elitist, but rather the qualities that allow people to build truly meaningful relationships that are lasting." Likewise, Mr.

"We want to match men and women who share the values inherent in a Harvard lifestyle, such as love of learning, intellectual curiosity, drive and determination," says Beri Meric, 25, who founded the site with Philipp Triebel, 28, last month. Sherman insists, "You don't have to be an egghead or a librarian to use [alikewise.com]" He says large, mainstream dating sites allow people to get pickier, with a litany of info boxes on religion, children and body type. Sherman fancied an experience that mimics the "serendipitous discovery" of spotting a hunk reading, oh say, your favourite Violette Leduc novel at a café.

The writers with whom we identify most deeply can come to feel like extensions of ourselves: if my beloved doesn’t like my favorite book, isn’t he also rejecting me? ).” When they split up, Schine continues, and she found a different partner, “there waiting for me was a new bookcase full of other books.” Much of the joy in new love comes from the excitement of mutual discovery, of opening one’s mind to another person who opens his or her own in turn.

Conversely, could I love a man who doesn’t love The Emigrants, or Anna Karenina, or any of the other books that have influenced most deeply the way I understand the world? A subject that never interested us before is suddenly fascinating, because the beloved is obsessed with it; and explaining our own obsessions to another person can help illuminate them all over again.

Although dating sites have been growing increasingly niche over the years - think Trek Passions.com, Single Parents and Humanitarian - some have reeked of exclusivity more than others, including Beautiful People.com, which booted 5,000 members for gaining weight last Christmas.

While not aesthetically superficial, bookish dating sites and events have a snooty connotation: Can literary tastes really make or break a couple? ' They were two of her favourite books of all time and she wanted to meet him.

Some ended up dating; the one corkboard is now two, with about 50 hopefuls. And if the proposal could happen here, too, that would be great." She points out that liking the same books isn't crucial - in fact, having different tastes means couples have more to show each other. I think they're wary of men who really love Bukowski." Similar manoeuvres play out on

"If you're a guy and you put up there, I'm sure you'd get a couple of hits. Once you have a conversation, it would fall apart pretty quickly, like when she asks you what you like about the book." Tweaking your book picks to attract would-be partners is okay with co-founder Matt Sherman.

"On Facebook, there's an element of a persona - you put out an image.

Brooklyn's Word Bookstore matches up customers with a corkboard in the shop and also hosts mixers, proms and running groups for the brains in the neighbourhood.

And in Belgium, "lib-dating" sees bookworms speed-dating among the bookshelves of their local libraries, where participants have 10 minutes to hook a date by expounding on their favourite authors.


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  2. Jul 21, 2010. Mashable's Spark of Genius series highlights a unique feature of startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, see details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. Name Alikewise. Quick Pitch Alikewise is an online dating site that matches people based on their.

  3. Mar 15, 2012. Thanks to a crop of niche dating websites, you can find your ideal mate based on very specific criteria. Through the site, Sherman said he's learned that people aren't as concerned about having the same taste in books as their partner as much as they're concerned that their partner reads at all. The fact.

  4. Apr 1, 2015. Or felt a flicker of kinship over the fact that you both have the same books on your To-Read. With the red-hot new Goodreads dating app, KINDLR, your love matches are based on your book choices. I think this isn't such a good idea and hope it is a joke, but then again, I cannot stand dating sites.

  5. Feb 2, 2015. If you're looking for love over the Internet, you're definitely in luck. Online dating sites no longer limit you to creating a profile on and sending winks to strangers via one sexy platform. Whomever you are, and whatever you're into, there is a dating site to match your tastes. Think you have.

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