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Best rod for casting

A rod that one caster might view as precise and well suited to distance work, might be seen by another angler as little more than a stiff poker. There have been plenty of published rod tests over the years.Some of them might give you a good overview of available rods on the market and what different testers think is a good value for the money.But, for the objective of this test, we felt it was an advantage to use good casters since they adapt quickly to different rods and make each rod perform at a high level.We felt that such a skilled group provided a fairer judgment of all the rods in the test.All of the casters were highly experienced (tournament casters at the top national level).One might argue that the caster group should have been more representative, with casters of all skill levels included.

And of course, we tested the hypothesis that the stiffest rod would be the best for getting distance.

The test was performed indoors at the Norwegian Academy of Sports, which provided a windless, "condition-neutral" stage.

This was absolutely crucial if we were to evaluate the rods based on casting distance.

As a fishing line, the XXD is best suited to situations where long casts are required and there is plenty room for the back cast.

The line can also be put to good use for short-range presentations if shooting is not a primary concern.


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