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Android twitter widget not updating

To start off, you'll have to download the ZIP containing the APKs for the Galaxy S8 weather widget and app.So grab that from the following link, then once the ZIP has been downloaded, use your favorite file browser to extract the contents of the That's all there is to installing the weather widget — two little APKs.The good news is that, because Google's operating system is so flexible, there’s a solution to just about any problem.These are the 12 worst Android annoyances and solutions for each.More: How to silence noisy notifications on your Android phone Can't get rid of crapware From shopping apps like Amazon to carrier-specific services like Sprint TV and VZ Navigator, most Android phones come from the factory festooned with apps you don't need.A lot of these apps run in the background even if you never use them and, even worse, they can't be uninstalled under normal circumstances.

As a result, there have been quite a few applications ported over from the Galaxy S8 to older Samsung phones.Not only does the new weather widget look much better than the old one, but using the app itself feels a fair bit smoother as well. Feel free to leave a comment below telling us if you like the new look Samsung has given their age-old weather widget.Also, be sure to let us know if there are any other Galaxy S8 apps that you would like to see brought to older devices.According to several users on a growing Reddit thread, multiple users on Twitter, as well as both myself and my colleague Abner Li, Google Now has been having some issues for the past few days.For reasons unknown, the service refuses the cards that give it its functionality, instead simply showing the message “failed to load cards,” regardless of the network connection.It also isn’t happening solely in the US, with reports coming from multiple regions around the globe including the UK.Thankfully, though, one Reddit user has a working fix for the problem.One of the more popular leaked apps is the updated widget, which was released to the public by developer Arpit Aggarwal.Aprit created a flashable ZIP for users with TWRP installed, but since the US variants of the S7 and S7 Edge don't have TWRP, we'll show you how to install and use the latest version of this stock Samsung app even without being rooted.If the phone makes you wait five seconds to open the browser again, you may test out the Gorilla glass display with a hammer.Fortunately, you don't need to sit there and stare at the screen waiting for something to happen, nor do you need to replace your handset.


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