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Ancient dating rituals

Their apparel, layout of cities and design of temples all revolved around alternating red and white.The third is that according to them, the 'Garden of Eden' or settlement where they conducted their experiments was laid out in a circle divided into quarters. Contrary to Genesis, the Sumerians said it was bequeathed to him to show he was under the Serpent Cult's protection from Enlil, who was outraged that Enki and Ninkhursag had created a lulu amel that was more Annunaki than human.It was perhaps this attitude towards marriage that resulted in the meaning of ‘Hor’ becoming what we know today (Whore) and the association of the color scarlet being associated with sexual licentiousness and sin, as exemplified in the book ‘The Scarlet Letter’.Contrary to claims that the priestesses engaged in ritual prostitution, it is more likely that they were in control of their choices of bed-mates along with the high priestess engaging in the ritual re-enactment of the sacred marriage between Dumuzi and Innana with a young man of her choice once a year on the Spring Equinox.The tales of Innana make it very clear she was not shy in picking lovers and promoting them to Kingship and her priestesses would have followed her example.From Sumer to Cambodia Kings enacted a ritual visitation with a Goddess (in many countries depicted as a serpent or half-fish) with the threat of destruction to the kingdom should the King fail in his duty.She then became one of the ancestresses of King David.One gets a sense reading about these women in the Bible that there is a grudging respect afforded them, an acknowledgement of who they were intermingled with the desire to classify them as ‘fallen women’.

The Serpent Cult was the religious aspect of their culture, while the Dragon Court would have been their politico-military body The second is the red and the white, which was both symbolic of the blood and the semen used to create life and the blood and venom which was used in temple ceremonies.

It was adopted by the Templars, though the question is raised as to whether they knew of the original meanings.

They may have, as though they appeared devout Christians, there certainly are enough rumours that suggest they had possession of arcane knowledge.

:-)What we know as the Templar Cross is in fact a much older symbol.

It dates to the time of the Annunaki and the events in the Garden of Eden.


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